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💖All services are highly focused on you and your healing process !💖
All your energy and attention stays with and for you only ✨ 
Therefore, we are not doing any phone calls, only voicemail recordings so that you are able to repeat and relisten to the conversation we had ....

a quick strong clearing and life support, for your current situation


get an overview about the situation, solution, clearing of past life, .


Gives you the chance to ask few ques and get a deeper understanding


Black magic is real !!! I know it’s a tricky toppic 😕 Reason :


please provide time,- date,-place,-country of birth


I m going to answer 3 questions only! healing is takin place as well


I will support your child to be self-loving and confident


It's so important as a parent to heal your own wounds It's teamwork!


We are healing clearing transforming very profound. Get more topics within 1 week.


Healing and clearing up to 8 generations of your family tree 🌳 This is a very strong powerful energetically- family constellations !

€ 555.55


Bank transfer information:   USD

Account holder
Agathe Fohler

Routing number

Account number

Wise address
30W.  26th Streeet, sixth Floor
New York NY10010
United States 


This is a chance to heal, clear, and transform with me together On a 1:1  video call live 
You can ask as many questions as you like during this 1h session 

€ 444.44

Screenshot_20220628-153310_Business Suite.jpg

1 week
1444.44 EURO

Where ever I m am in the world
Or Where ever you are
I will show you how I spend my day to day life in and with nature
We are going to do  a personal starseed or healer  activation
So that you activate your own full potential without any Gurus Manipulation etc

Please reach out to me for more enquiries ☀️❤️

Looking forward to meet you in person.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-05 at 7.28.22 PM.jpeg

Black magic clearing
7 days 

Black magic is real !!!
I know it's a tricky toppic 😕
Reason :
Enemies but most important
What exactly in you allows this to happen?!
I will help you to make you strong from inside out! 💖

How do you know there s Black magic involved?  

You are crying a lot
You are tired of life
Your body hurts
Business, love, friendship, go really bad
project fail, no money income etc

I will personally communicate with you via Whatsapp voice-mail.
Please follow my guidelines, because it's in our both interest to get the best possible outcome.

No information needed
I will energetically scan what's going on

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-05 at 7_33_13 PM
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-08 at 4.35.58 AM(1)
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-05 at 7.19_edited
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-05 at 7.33.14 PM
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-05 at 7.42.50 PM
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