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Deep Clearing (no phonecalls)

a quick strong clearing and life support, for your current situation

  • 6 hr
  • 111,11 Euro
  • Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp,e-mail

Service Description

my service removing implants , old contracts ( karmic, soul), cleansing clearing of you aura, chakras, meridians, ...... pls watch a fast boost to uplift and clearing your situation clearing your thoughts, path, situation of pain,-sorrow, -loss,-anger,-frustration clearing chakras, meridian, implants, belief-pattern, ancestral lingeage... If you feel stuck, looking for something new, moving into the right direction recovering from an illness, you might be blocked and confused to recognize Allow me the access to guide you through i always work over night !!!! its not a healing! its a clearing , so that you can feel yourself again no personal information needed!!! no phonecalls to ensure the deph of the clearing we tent do focus on the world around us - its about you ))))

Contact Details

+49 1579 2342720

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