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Starseed activation

DNA activation, reconnecting your to your 4 weeks , 1h a week

  • 4 hours
  • 777.77 euros
  • whats app, Skype, Facebook, etc

Service Description

Are you sitting sometimes outside of your home, stargazing?? you felt lost on earth since you are born and you knew, you are not like them ? your Family are almost strangers to you? you are able to speak a language no one understands? pls watch We are so called Star seeds, we are from places like Sirius, Arcturus, Venus.....etc we are ascendant masters born to shine and transform planet earth, we are living portals to rise the frequency of humanity. Our eyes are the gateway for our soul to other star systems, our DNA changed -our Body s are crystalline, its most important to understand that we are the new Generation with incredible abilities and a beautiful pure loving hearts light language guidance i know