• Animation with children in Portugal and Gran Canaries (TUI-1-2-fly) 

    • Heilpraktiker-Schule, Berlin,

  • Medical whole-body massage with acupressure

    • Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage (Berlin, Horst-Winkels Heilpraktikerschule) 

  • Assistant Guest-relation Manager, Somatheeram Indian, – apprenticeship Ayurveda treatments

  • Apprenticeship Spa consultant – Wellness Massages (Bali, Singapore,         Sri Lanka) 

  • Reiki Grand-master, (India Bangalore, Mrs Dr. Karanth)

  • Foot reflexology (Indian, Bangalore with Mrs. Dr Karanth) 

    • Apprenticeship with healer (Mr. Wayan)

  • Spa Manager certification, Bali 

    • Founding Aarogya TempelSpa – Spa Consultant (Coffeeday Resorts, Chickmanlore,...), Bangalore  Varma treatments with Dr Rajamoney Chennai (Ayurveda clinic)

  • Apprenticeship Accupunture (School of Anton Jaysurya- Sri Lanka)

  • Pre- and Postnatal treatments (Javanese style- Singapore)

  • Energetic Psychology EDxTM, especially: children and teenager, Kinesiology

  • Ayurveda treatments (Kerala, Indian) 

  • Accupuncture lessons ( Dr. Anton Jayasuria Sri Lanka)

  • Apprenticeship charity work palliative in Kaufbeuren *Zuwendung*, palliative 

    • Self-employed working with 5 Star Hotel Steigenberger 

  • Lomi Lomi Massage (Karina Wagner) 

  • Magnified Healing,

  • Reprogramming - Trauma, fear, anxiety

  • Energetic spine correction (Peter Klein) 

    • Spa Consultancy TUI Gruppe - RIU Hotels (Renova SPA) 

  • I would like to mention that I was lucky to study with two amazing healers in Bali and India,

    • Which was an honor to learn from

It's very important for me to clear myself regularly to make sure I am a clear emphatic healer

Thank u so much for your trust and loyalty.


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