ABOUt me

I am Aurena Agathe Fohler

I am a multidimensional being with high psychic abilities 


Allow me to be your personal guide- soul whisperer - communicating with your soul

we are working together on all levels BODY, MIND and SOUL

I am feeling what you are feeling, and I am working with all my senses, within few minutes are the issues located.


Allow me the opportunity to empower yourself to love yourself again, to remind you who you really are with all your potentials, until you are ready to take your path on your own. You would need to dedicate two consultations of 30 minutes or 60 minutes with me and you will feel an immediate change.

Very comfortably via Skype, WhatsApp, Telephone, from home or where ever you are (Yes, it is possible and I have successfully done consultancies with Clients, from all over the World).

  • Animation with children in Portugal and Gran Canaries (TUI-1-2-fly) 

    • Heilpraktiker-Schule, Berlin,

  • Medical whole-body massage with acupressure

    • Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage (Berlin, Horst-Winkels Heilpraktikerschule) 

  • Assistant Guest-relation Manager, Somatheeram Indian, – apprenticeship Ayurveda treatments

  • Apprenticeship Spa consultant – Wellness Massages (Bali, Singapore,         Sri Lanka) 

  • Reiki Grand-master, (India Bangalore, Mrs Dr. Karanth)

  • Foot reflexology (Indian, Bangalore with Mrs. Dr Karanth) 

    • Apprenticeship with healer (Mr. Wayan)

  • Spa Manager certification, Bali 

    • Founding Aarogya TempelSpa – Spa Consultant (Coffeeday Resorts, Chickmanlore,...), Bangalore  Varma treatments with Dr Rajamoney Chennai (Ayurveda clinic)

  • Apprenticeship Accupunture (School of Anton Jaysurya- Sri Lanka)

  • Pre- and Postnatal treatments (Javanese style- Singapore)

  • Energetic Psychology EDxTM, especially: children and teenager, Kinesiology

  • Ayurveda treatments (Kerala, Indian) 

  • Accupuncture lessons ( Dr. Anton Jayasuria Sri Lanka)

  • Apprenticeship charity work palliative in Kaufbeuren *Zuwendung*, palliative 

    • Self-employed working with 5 Star Hotel Steigenberger 

  • Lomi Lomi Massage (Karina Wagner) 

  • Magnified Healing,

  • Reprogramming - Trauma, fear, anxiety

  • Energetic spine correction (Peter Klein) 

    • Spa Consultancy TUI Gruppe - RIU Hotels (Renova SPA) 

  • I would like to mention that I was lucky to study with two amazing healers in Bali and India,

    • Which was an honor to learn from

It's very important for me to clear myself regularly to make sure I am a clear emphatic healer

Thank u so much for your trust and loyalty.